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Custom 12pt Raised Print
2 in. x 3.5 in. Business Cards
Featuring 32 Stock Types: Raglan, Glasskote, Laid, Linen, AstroBrite, and Plastic!

Free Custom Designed or Sumit Your Own Design!

We print on quality 12pt paper stocks.


An essential for every business! Quality business cards can help your business look established and keep your name and number in the customer's hands. We'll custom design free the right business card for you or choose from our attention getting template designs or send us your exiting business card to duplicate. We also have free logos. Try us for our top notched service.

Production Time:
Up to 48 hrs. to receive an online proof. Most orders ship 3-5 days after approval


Click on any color swatch below to get more details.
CLICK HERE to view larger images of paper stock textures. 

 White Raglan

 Natural Raglan

 White Glaskote with Raised Ink Printing

 White Glaskote with Color Foil Stamping

 Black Glaskote

White Raglan

Natural Raglan

White Gaslote Ink

White Gaslote Foil

Black Glaskote Foil

 Red Glaskote

 Blue Glaskote

 Gold Glaskote

 Silver Glaskote

 Jade Glaskote

Red Glaskote Foil

Blue Glaskote Foil

Gold Glaskote Foil

Silver Glaskote Foil

Jade Glasskote Foil

 Indigo Glaskote

 Wine Glaskote

Pearl Glaskote

 Astrobrite Yellow

 Astrobrite Pink

Indigo Glaskote Foil

Wine Glaskote Foil

Pearl Glaskote Foil

AstroBrite Yellow

Astrobrite Pink

 White Classic Laid

 Ivory Classic Laid

 Gray Classic Laid

 White Linen

 Cream Linen

White Classic Laid

Ivory Classic Laid

Gray Classc Laid

White Linen

Cream Linen

 Frosted Linen

Willow Environment

Haviland Blue


 Green Plastic

Frost Linen

Willow  Environ

Haviland Blue Linen

Light Pink Smooth

Green Plastic Foil

 Clear Plastic

 Red Plastic

 Smoke Plastic

 Blue Plastic

Clear Plastic Foil

Red Plastic Foil

Smoke Plastic Foil

Blue Plastic Foil

Sand Stone

Glacier Mist Concept

CLICK HERE to view larger
images of paper stock textures.

Glacier Mist

Natural Parchtone



Try Our Custom Raised Print Business Card Services! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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